Gallery Instructions

Participation in the OAA Website "Members' Gallery"

The Members' gallery allows individual OAA members in good standing to showcase their work on their own web pages within the OAA website. You will have a personal web address to include on your business cards etc.

Artists are responsible for the images they submit, for supplying correct contact information and for negotiating any resulting sales or rentals. The OAA takes no sales commission.

Gallery Applications

Beginning with the launch of our new Web Site, on June 9, 2015 all members of the OAA will be entitled to have a Web Gallery page including their bio and up to 10 images of their artwork included as part of their membership fee. This means that going forward, your membership in both the OAA and the OAA Web Gallery will expire at the same time. When you apply for,or renew, your OAA Membership, you may also pay a fee to include more than the initial 10 images of your artwork if you so choose. Upon expiry of your OAA Membership all your gallery items will also be removed.

Schedule of Fees - Effective June 9, 2015

Included with the Membership

  • One Biography page and up to 10 images in your personal Gallery
  • access to "Do it yourself" changes for your images and bio at any time.
  • access to a tutorial to help you with the uploading of your own information and pictures as well as email support
  • link to another website if you have one


For an additional $30/year fee, you are granted access to post up to 30 images.

Enrolment Procedures

Complimentary Gallery

To setup a gallery containing 10 images or less, please fill out and submit this complimentary gallery application form. The coordinator will then verify that you are an eligible member. Upon confirmation, your account will be created for you.

You will then receive an email from the coordinator with your login credentials, a link to the login page and the link to your very own OAA page, from where you can enter a biography, contact information and up to 10 images (including title, medium, dimensions, prices and notes).

Upgrade Your Gallery

To upgrade your gallery to one with more than 10 images (for a fee), you will need to apply by completing the Paid Gallery Application Form, found on the Forms page, and mailing it the address specified in the form.

Ensure your cheque is payable to the Ottawa Art Association.

When your payment has been processed, the coordinator will send you a notification letting you know that you may start adding more images to your gallery page.


Renewals will only be accepted from current members. If a member does not renew their membership their gallery entries will be removed upon the stated expiration date.

You will be notified when your subscription is about to expire. The fee for renewal is the same as for a new subscription. If your contact information has changed, please fill out a new application form. Mail it with a cheque payable to the Ottawa Art Association to the address specified in the form.


If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, contact the website coordinator directly, via - especially if you have a suggestion for improving the website!