Roy Brash

Roy Brash is a Canadian contemporary visual artist, using mostly acrylics as a medium. A native of Pembroke, Ontario, he now mainly resides in Ottawa where he has a studio.

Roy grew up by the Ottawa River. His love of nature had a major impact on his art and his later depictions of animals, landscapes and water scenes. He admires in particular the power and beauty of water.

Roy developed his affinity for art in his early years. In primary school, he won a regional art contest and, since then, his passion for drawing and painting have never left him. 

He furthered his artistic interests by studying oils, watercolors and clay sculptures, independently, or with various teachers. His passion for figurative art has led him to further extend his knowledge in this area by taking portrait classes at the well respected Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. 

Roy makes art because it fulfills a creative need in him. He enjoys particularly the meditative side of painting. He is passionate about his art and gets fully immersed into the subject while painting. 

For him, the process of creating is both conscious and impulsive . He usually starts with an idea (the spark), then sources a photograph or image that somewhat resembles it.  Something happens afterwards: the creative process takes over. The painting seems to develop a mind of its own. While a painting is in progress, he imagines various images into the uncompleted work and contemplates the overall composition, its aesthetics and linear lines. Usually, the final rendition is much different than the original concept. 

He perceives nature as perfect and feels humble when trying to replicate its beauty on canvas.  He perseveres with a painting until he reaches the desired effect, putting it aside and returning to it between intervals. 

He believes that a painting should tell a story and provide interest to the viewer. Vivid colors and design are important to him and he tries to use them to express mood and motion. 

Roy has exhibited at several shows and galleries and won many awards.  His works now hang in private, public and corporate collections across Quebec, Ontario and the U.S. 


2015   Honorary Mention, Ottawa Art Associations's Juried Competition, April 2015 for the painting "Another Seven Crows"; 

2014 Finalist, Canadian Brush Off Juried Painting Competition, Avenue Art Gallery, Old Montreal, October 16, 2014;  

2014 First Prize in acrylics, Valley Arts Council's Juried Art Show, May 1st, 2014 for the painting "Laughter";

2013   Second Prize in acrylics, Ottawa Art Association's Member Award Show for the painting "Hoisting the Sail"; 

2013   Finalist, Ottawa Art Expo's Inaugural Ottawa Humane Society Animal Art Award, October 25, 2013;  

2013   Second Prize in oil and acrylics, Valley Arts Council's Juried Art Show, May 9, 2013 for the painting "Oiseau Rock"; 

2012   Third Prize in acrylics, Ottawa Art Association's Member Award Show for the painting "Trawler";

2012   Second prize in acrylics,Ottawa Art Association’s Spring Juried Awards, April 24, 2012 for the painting “Gelato”;

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