Rosie Cusson

Rosie was born in UK and immigrated to Canada in the early 80's. An adventurer at heart, she seeks change continuously, challenging herself by stepping out of her creative comfort zone. Rosie has studied art in Newcastle, UK, as well as in The Ottawa School of Art, Carleton University, University of Ottawa, and continues to take courses to deepen in her individual style. The past year she has been experimenting with sculpture following her interest in archeology and the symbolism of fertility in Neolithic female clay figures. Having worked in watercolour, acrylic, mixed media, clay and collage, her work addresses mostly personal themes that resonate with her.

Rosie's art practice is an extension of her life. Her most successful pieces are those that come from a deep inner feeling or connection with the subject, a projection of an interior vision; the interconnectedness of all matter, the interdependency of all living things, feelings, insights and experiences. When these are transmitted through a visual experience, then that connection has been achieved.

As a watercolour artist, she likes to represent the unbroken line as a symbol of the fluidity of spontaneous movement, also illustrating the connection between line as the description of inner and outer landscapes and the human form.

For Rosie art has been a journey of self discovery, and as such it is continuously ongoing. Painting is her chosen medium for exploring the potential and depth of the mystery of life and the universe.

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