MaGi emerged as a young artist creating jewelry and crafts (which she still dabbles in once in a while). But her creative side required another form of expression and she soon discovered that painting fulfilled this need.
MaGi studied art in Ottawa, Ontario and attended several workshops and courses taught by wonderful artists. Her artistic training includes; acrylic, cartooning, charcoal, drawing, mixed media, palette knife painting, pottery, print making, Sumi-e, wabi-sabi, watercolor, watercolor pencil.
Her works gradually transformed from landscape to abstract. Today her paintings are contemporary and mostly mixed media and are either non-representational or figurative. Her artistic inspiration comes from nature and the change of seasons, music, travel and her study of people.
Although all the seasons provide inspiration, winter and the Holiday Season is one of her favorite times of the year. MaGi also creates Christmas and Holiday Wish cards from her paintings.

Artist statement

The world in which I live is full of rules.
Painting allows me to escape and let my imagination run free.
Painting lets me be creative without following rules.
I lose myself in color, texture, form, shape and when I paint I often lose the sense of time.

I am inspired by nature, by seasons, by people and by travel.
I am a student of art, forever learning, and a coach willing to share.
What a wonderful sense of freedom art brings me!
Painting is my escapade!


OMMA Ottawa Mixed Media Artists
OAA Ottawa Art Association


• OAA Spring Juried Show 2015 – 2nd place

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