Helen Kelly

Here in Ottawa, I paint alongside other talented artists, in two art studios. I build up an image using acrylic paint by painting multiple layers one layer on top of another on a flat canvas using acrylic paint. On occasion, I sometimes paint with oil or watercolour. My subject matter ranges from landscapes, flowers, heritage sites to some still life.

I started working in the Stewart Hall Art Gallery in Montreal and it wasn't long before I knew I was at home being surrounded by incredible art. When I worked for DSG in ABQ, N.M., I studied South West Artist Frank McCulloch N.M. landscape oil paintings, and Angus McPherson’s large acrylic N.M. landscape and sky paintings. At the Terrace Art Gallery in Terrace, B.C. I studied Northwest watercolour artist Randy Penner's work. I studied art history from B.C. artist Edward Epp and learned to have faith in the process of creating art.

In my realistic rendering of natural landscapes, I simplify some of nature’s details by using different brush stroke techniques. I rely somewhat on my memory and I occasionally refer to my own photographs. Over the years I have developped my own unique colour palette. Painting is the language I feel I can best express the importance of preserving our beautiful natural world.

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