The Ottawa Art Association Constitution

Revised January 2015

  1. The association shall be known as THE OTTAWA ART ASSOCIATION.
  2. The purposes of the ASSOCIATION shall be:
    1. To encourage the appreciation of art in the community and
    2. To encourage members in the practice of original fine art (Fine Art being: Oil, Watercolour, Acrylic, Pastel, Mixed Media and Other: Hand prints, Graphite, Ink, Charcoal, Painting on Silk) (Original art that can be hung onthe walls shall be included)
  3. The management of all the affairs of the Association shall be vested in an Executive Committee, one of whom shall be PRESIDENT, with two VICE PRESIDENTS, who shall undertake whatever duties may best serve the interests of the Association, in addition to being prepared to act as Chairman in the absence of the President. One TREASURER shall be responsible for the receipts and payments of the funds of the ASSOCIATION. One RECORDING SECRETARY shall be responsible for the recording of the minutes of all meetings. The Executive shall also include MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR, GALLERY COORDINATOR, SOCIAL COORDINATOR, PROGRAMME COORDINATOR and NEWSLETTER EDITOR. The Executive may appoint such additional Coordinators as necessary to fill other positions. The immediate PAST PRESIDENT shall be an advisory member of the Executive Committee. If for any reason a member of the Executive Committee is unable to complete the year, the remaining members may make an acting replacement from the general membership to serve at the pleasure of the Executive. A PRESIDENT SHOULD HAVE SERVED TWO YEARS ON THE EXECUTIVE IN SOME CAPACITY before assuming the role of President.
  4. The members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by a majority vote at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING for a term of one/two years, butshall not normally serve more than two years in one executive position.
  5. A NOMINATING COMMITTEE of no less than three members, chaired by a VICE PRESIDENT, shall be appointed by the Executive Committee at least six weeks before the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING each year, for the purpose of drawing up a list of nominations for the Executive Committee for the ensuing year. The Secretary shall include the names of the members nominated with the notice calling the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, at which alternative nominations may be made.
  6. The PRESIDENT may call a meeting of the Executive Committee at any time. FIVE, including the president, or FIVE, including a Vice President (in the President’s absence), shall constitute a quorum.
  7. The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING shall be held before the 15th of JUNE each year.
  8. The FISCAL YEAR of the Association shall close at AUGUST 31st each year.
  9. Membership fees shall be prescribed by the Executive Committee and voted on at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and shall cover membership for the fiscal year. Membership fees are due and payable after the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING.
  10. Membership in THE OTTAWA ART ASSOCIATION is open to anyone interested in art.
  11. A General Meeting may be called at any time by the PRESIDENT or at the written request of no less than eight members, which shall be addressed to the President, giving reasons for the calling of the meeting.
  12. The ordinary funds of the ASSOCIATION shall be kept by the TREASURER in the bank of the TREASURER’S choice. All money received for the ASSOCIATION shall be deposited intact in the ASSOCIATIONS’ account and disbursements shall be made only by CHEQUES signed by two signatories, one of the TREASURER (or in the Treasurer’s absence, the Assistant Treasurer) and one of the PRESIDENT(or in the President’s absence, the VICE PRESIDENT). The TREASURERshall make an interim report at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and a statement audited by some qualified person, or an Association member who is qualified and is not co-signing cheques, shall subsequently be available to each member. Funds spent in excess of $100 by the PRESIDENT or an EXECUTIVE MEMBER must be approved by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Reimbursements will be given for authorized purchases when the Treasurer receives receipts and a requisition form.
  13. There shall be two ANNUAL EXHIBITIONS of member’s original works forawards: one a JURIED (3 JUDGES) SPRING SHOW and one MEMBERSHIP JUDGED SHOW in the fall. In addition, the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE may arrange such other exhibitions as may interest or benefit the members of the ASSOCIATION. Appointment of judges for all exhibitions shall be the responsibility of the PRESIDENT.
  14. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE may, at their discretion, invite distinguished persons to become Patron, Honorary President or Honorary Members of the ASSOCIATION with the approval of the membership at a General Meeting.
  15. The CONSTITUTION may be updated as required, annually.